In the early seventies Charlie Clifford, a former Peace Corp volunteer, is importing leather bags from South America. As the busniness grows, he decides to name it TUMI, taken form a Peruvian icon.

Over the years TUMI celebrates numerous innovations. In the eighties it emerges as a leading design company in the luggage industry with the introduction of a revolutionary carry-on garment bag, made of ballistic nylon. This catapults the company to its current leadership position.

Just a few later TUMI launches the casual, functional “soft briefcase” category, which breaks the industry mold and leads to expanded distribution and brand awareness.

Later Tumi launches the Tumi Wheel-A-Way, a state-of-the-art wheeled luggage design that features numerous exclusive, custom-designed components, exceptional packing capacity, in-line skate wheels and retracting handles for both carry-on and checked luggage. Just monthes later, TUMI suprises the industry and all travellers in the world with the revolutionary Tri-Fold Garment Bag.

Product quality and selection where and still are key attributes that have made TUMI the leading international business, accessory and travel lifestyle brand. Simply put, there is no other product made like TUMI. This is what TUMI calls the TUMI Difference. It is how TUMI approaches every aspect and detail of product design. TUMI regards each component — from the smallest, case-hardened solid steel machine screw to TUMI’s exclusive, virtually abrasion-proof FXT™ Ballistic Nylon® fabric — of each item as if it were the most important.