Samsonite X-BLADE

The X-BLADE is now almost a classic inside Samsonite. With the serie 3.0 the assortment becomes lighter, deeper and wider. What you may look for, it is there. The assortment includes 19 different items. From spinner to duffel and from upright to toiletry bag.

What makes the Samsonite X-BLADE 3.0 is its versatility. Think of a bag or suitcase you need and there is a X-Blade that’s exactly what you are looking for. Often in different sizes but always with a lot of similarities. One of them is the material: 400 x 400 denier twisted nylon filled with 450 denier twisted 2-tone polyester and polyurethane. Those phrases probably don’t mean much to you. But what is important to remember, is that the result is a feather-light but rock-solid bag or suitcase that stays comfortable under any circumstances.

Due to the big assortment, it is difficult to describe every Samsonite X-BLADE 3.0 suitcase or bag in here. Also, because they are already provided with rich intelligence piece by piece, that makes the life of a traveler much nicer. Custom adjustment (often double implemented) pull overs, for example. Or robust wheels (often doubled too) to increase flexibility. Solid locks protect the content of the suitcase but don’t ensure stops at security checks.

Every bag or suitcase in the assortment of X-BLADE 3.0 offers more than enough possibilities for carefree traveling to the organized traveler. A lot of models have well-protected space for a tablet, padded dividers, belts and ties, shoes and liquid spaces and more than enough well-accessible, strategically placed spaces and compartments on the outside.

Whichever Samsonite X-BLADE 3.0 s written on you; you travel smoothly and light while your valuable baggage is protected.

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