Samsonite UPLITE

Under the name UPLITE, Samsonite offers four spinners and three uprights which you can go to the farthest corners of the world with. Each of the 7 items honors the name ‘UPLITE’. They are big in performance but are extremely handy and light.

Whether you travel because you have to be somewhere or you just want to be somewhere: with the Samsonite Uplite, you are in perfect condition. This collection of suitcases is stylish and extraordinary practical.

What is noticeable besides that, is the well-organized system. Each suitcase is equipped with handy, well-accessible front and side pockets. The closing ‘document compartment’ on the side is extremely practical.
In the interior, you can divide your baggage over two compartments. Of course, the biggest one of them is provided with elastic belts to keep everything in place. The divider is constructed in a way that you can also use the compartment above optimally.

What is noticeable too, are the comfortable handles and the fixed TSA lock. The latter not only travels safely but it gets you in and out of the US without problems. Each Samsonite Uplite has an retractable handle, adjustable to your height.

A Samsonite UPLITE is available in three traditional colors (red, blue and grey) but if you seek a color that is flashier, there is a variation in ‘Aqua Green’ or the bi-color in Pearl/Blue.

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