samsoniteUsing the biblical figure Samson as inspiration, Jesse Shwayder developed, the now iconic brand name ‘Samsonite’. Back then, in the beginning of the last century, traveling was reserved for the rich of the world back then. Only they had the money and the time to explore the world. To transport their valuable belongings from A to B safely, Shwayder developed stylish, solid, wooden suitcases. He established such a name that the brand is still leading the market right now.

In the next century, Samsonite would continue to shake the world with his remarkable innovations. Thus, Samsonite was the first one with wheels on a suitcase – a true innovation in traveling. But the first smooth suitcase with a vinyl frame was also Samsonite’s, just like the first lightweight magnesium and ABS suitcase and the first modern suitcase with an organized interior.

The century behind us changed a lot of things but Samsonite’s approach stayed. Samsonite is still an innovative brand that goes with the time.

Today’s traveler demands more than yesterday’s. New trends come up constantly. Samsonite keeps a close eye on it. It stays frontrunner with its noticeable designs and smart solutions. The recently introduced Samsonite series are obvious examples of that.

Ever since its establishment over a hundred years ago Samsonite has been the ultimate European brand that is widely known for strong, sensible suitcases to get your luggage around safely. Samsonite’s two key characteristics are their ability to innovate and their excellent service.