Samsonite S’CURE

The Samsonite S’CURE range exists of 4 classic eye opening spinners. But behind that classic appearance lies an innovative suitcase that is hypermodern when it comes to comfort and use.

The Samsonite S’CURE is not the most innovative suitcases you can think of at first. But if you look closer, you will soon see a story behind these suitcases. They are made of FlowliteTM. Flowlite is a modern, lightweight polypropylene material. The biggest advantage is that there is not many of it needed to make a strong suitcase. The shell of the suitcase is also remarkably thin. And still, Samsonite S’CURE is resistant to bumpy roads, unhardened roads and even luggage workers who don’t do take their job seriously.

The assortment is clear with 4 models. The smallest, a spinner of 55 cm and 34 liters is allowed on many companies as hand baggage. The other 3 models are also spinners. The sizes range from 69 cm/79 liters to 75 cm/102 liters to 81 cm/138 liters.

In terms of sizes, the assortment offers a fitting suitcase for every trip. Is it the color, then there are multiple choices. The Samsonite S’CURE suitcases are available in 7 to 9 colors, depending on the size.

Furthermore, each model can be personalized by a key and by implementing a Samsonite logo in a fitting color.
Your baggage is not only good in the Samsonite S’CURE but also safe with 3-pointed sealing. A TSA lock helps travelling to and from the US without any unnecessary stops. Also to lock the suitcase easily when you’re on your way. With a TSA lock you can travel carefree from and to the US.

With 4 double Spinner wheels, you spin the suitcase in a 360° turn in all directions. The pull over can be blocked in different heights. If you have to lift the suitcase up, you can use the ergonomic handles above the suitcase as well as the sides.

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