Samsonite BASE HITS

The Samsonite BASE HITS is the suitcase for everyone who loves simplicity, quality and style. The BASE HITS is modern, durable and very affordable and thus, the perfect choice for todays price-conscious travelers.

The range of this popular suitcase is clear. There are 5 models. You can take three of them (depending on the company) on the airplane with you. Two of them are too bg for that and to robust.

Safe and sound
The two most popular BASE HITS suitcases are the Spinner 55 and the Extendable Spinner 66. These two models are available in 6 different coated, sophisticated tints. The other 3 models are available in 5 colors.

These Samsonite suitcases are soft and smooth, manufactured of 300 x 900 denier polyester. The zippers, with discreet Samsonite logo, can be closed with a fixed TSA combination locker. Such TSA lockers protect your baggage and offer carefree traveling from and to the United States.

To lift the suitcases easily, they are equipped with a handle above, below and on the sides. A knitted handle on the bottom is impressively handy at the moment you want to lift your suitcase on a high thing or baggage rack.

Multiple directions
The agility of all Samsonite BASE HITS suitcases is guaranteed by a pull rod with a button. It can block precisely on the right height. Four multidirectional, silent wheels will do the rest. You turn your suitcase effortlessly 360° in multiple directions.

A lot of BASE HITS models are expandable with extra space.

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