Samsonite B-LITE 3

The B-LITE 3 is an eye-catching, practical, smooth Samsonite where you feel at home with anywhere in the world. Whether you choose a handy size or the ‘giant’ of almost 150 liters: you don’t carry an ounce of extra weight with you because the B-LITE 3 is incredibly lightweight due to the smart construction.

The B-LITE 3 is made of a high-end mix of nylon and polyester. Despite the ‘soft’ look, this suitcase can handle a lot. Firstly, due to the triple 360° corner protection. Secondly, because the front panel and the protection strips are made of rock-solid material. Add the invisibly processed but extremely effective back panel and you will be so sure that your suitcase will survive the most exciting travel miles.

The B-LITE 3 stands on 4 stable wheels. The bigger models have extra big, double wheels. They provide smooth and almost soundless mobility. Even if your suitcase is stuffed.

Comfort is also a keyword regarding practical, integrated ergonomic handles. The integrated TSA locker guarantees carefree trips from and to the United States of America.

The interior is neat and thoughtful as expected from Samsonite. The bottom compartment is equipped with belts. The compartment above has a partition with zipper. Thanks to the two lowered wrapping belts with Smart Fix-buckle, the wrapping belts don’t stand in the way while packing and unpacking.

The B-Lite is available in 4 colors and 11 models: from a practical beauty cases to the almost 150 liters spinner.

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