jeepEver since Since World War II, Jeep has become a brand that has written freedom and adventure written all over it. It was just a matter of time before its famous slogan Go Anywhere, Do Anything would be extended to suitcases and bags. Tough, rugged, ready for anything and fearless. It makes Jeep suitcases and bags probably the best travel companion you can wish for.

Jeep suitcases are manufactured in China under the strict quality-control supervision of about 30 Jeep Quality Inspectors. The company is meticulous about product quality and always staying up-to-date. The raw materials selection is based on a thorough examination of the quality and “fashionability” of the materials.

Jeep suitcases and bags are designed with the world traveler in mind. They are lightweight but extremely durable. Cleverly positioned handles make it easy to lift or ‘wheel’ the bag – no matter if you are on an ancient, wobbly town square, a crowded hotel lobby or in a smooth-floored airport.

Speaking of airports: Jeep suitcases are often the first to be spotted on the conveyer belt. Its carefully designed ‘sophisticated roughness’ and its fashionable colours make Jeep suitcases standout.