Jeep Makalu

This series of extraordinary Jeep suitcases is named after the fifth highest peak in the world. With its intimidating 8463 meters, you’ll find mount Makalu east of Mount Everest, on the border of Nepal and Tibet. It is one of the just 14 mountains reaching over 8000 meters.

If they are any good climbing mount Makalu remains to be seen, but in a hotel lobby or finding your way on an unknown airport, the 4 big wheels underneath your Makalu will most definitely help you. Even the biggest, over a 100 liter Makalu suitcase can be set in motion with the tip of a finger. Even a smooth 360 is no problem what so ever.

Lifting the suitcase is as easy as it gets. You can pick any of the carrying grip handles on the top, side or bottom of your suitcase.

The shell of is remarkable suitcase is manufactured of ABS durable thermo plastic material with a PVC special coating. It’ll keep you suitcase look great no matter where you go.

The Jeep Makalu comes in 5 fashionable colors and 3 sizes. The most compact Makalu still handles 42 liters of luggage without complaining. Its content is expandable to 51 liters. The biggest in the series has a volume of 99 liters, expandable tot 106 liters. Your luggage is safe behind a high quality TSA combination lock.

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