My Paper Bag

my-paper-bagStarted in Amsterdam, but the origin of My Paper Bag lies in India. A hobo with a paper bag was the inspiration. Coincidentally, he sat in the same tram as designer Ramón Middelkoop. Meanwhile, the first model of My Paper Bag has grown to be a designer’s classic and the base of a wide-ranging collection.

My Paper Bag is a Fair Trade product. It has been designed as a fair, pure product of durable and ecological tanned leather. Better for the world and better for the employment in non-evident areas.

Every model is simply an amazing bag you would want to be seen with. The first model was sold 1000 times in the first 24 hours. If you were a bit unlucky, you had to wait 3 months for ‘your’ My Paper Bag and no one was complaining.

Now, the collection has expanded to dozens of models. The offer varies from the primary model to handbags, shoulder bags, and even diaper bags. Each model has its own story. Take the My Black Bag Shopper for example: a marvelous Fair Trade quality product which immediately solves the problem. Are you familiar with the situation in which everything you are searching for, lies way out of your reach on the bottom of your bag? With the zipper on the side of the My Black Bag Shopper, that is not a problem anymore.

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