Aunts & Uncles

aunts+unclesThe aunts and uncles of Aunts&Uncles do it all a bit differently. You recognize that in every detail. Every bag is unique – no bag is the same. No mass production but bags with a story, tradition and a unique character.

Aunts&Uncles – the name says it all. We are dealing with a genuine family business. In the beginning of the century, a handful of family members decided to turn against mass production, globalization, fusions, faster, higher, bigger and growth – slow down. They went against the time and stream and went back to the finest leather, authentic craftsmanship and family values.

aunts&unclesAt Aunts&Uncles, they only want one thing: make bags that make you – as customer – happy and content. That’s why the bags of Aunts&Uncles are displayed in front of the MagBag store.

Aunts&Uncles is the brand for bags that last a lifetime. First of all, because they are made of the best quality leather you can think of. Secondly, the bags of Aunts&Uncles are trendy but with a classic undertone. Bags where time and trend are not given a chance. Bags that you can go through the day with, anytime and anywhere.

Are these the bags you’re looking for? Come and meet us in one of our shops. You’ll discover we’ll go the extra mile to turn you into an extremely happy customer…
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